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3 Reasons Why PR Is an Important Part of Any Business’ Budget

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There are a number of possible avenues for businesses to explore. So, why should they invest in a PR strategy?

For some companies, PR may already be at the forefront and for others it may be more of an afterthought.

Regardless of where you may currently fall, here are three reasons why exploring a PR budget may lead to increasing your company’s bottom line.

Consumers trust earned media

Earned media includes content that is not paid for such as organic blog mentions, reposts, shares, etc. The earliest form of earned media is world-of-mouth and the internet takes that concept and takes it to another level. Consumers are no longer simply just buying and using products, but also discussing and sharing their product choices on social media.

Earned media is a form of recognition received for results generated and it’s perceived to be more genuine as the brand isn’t controlling of the message.

According to Nielsen’s ‘Global Trust in Advertising’ report, 83 percent of respondents say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family. Furthermore, 66 percent of respondents say they trust consumer opinions posted online and editorial content, such as newspaper articles. Technology is causing the advertising landscape to evolve and this type of earned media is primarily generated through public relations efforts.

Public relations is proactive, not just reactive

Someone complained about your services online, a product has a dire recall, the CMO is caught up in a scandal, who ya gonna call? A trusted public relations professional!

But, what if we told you that PR can be used as a tool to prevent these crises from ever happening in the first place?

PR pros utilize strategic communications and monitoring tools to gauge the tone of conversations about a company’s brand. Subsequently, these findings may be used to temper flames on an unexpected crisis, but they can also help prevent little problems from blowing up into catastrophes.

Furthermore, folks that may sway public opinion in times of crisis may be an advocate to regularly address and strengthen a brand’s overall image. By regularly addressing your image (not just in a crisis!) you can be better aware of where you stand with your audience(s) at all times.

Maintaining visibility!

Brand awareness is made up of two components: brand recognition and brand recall. The ability for a consumer to recognize your service/product is what may be the difference between you and the competitor.

PR utilizes earned media to build these branding concepts. A proactive stance on social media and in the public in general allows for increased engagement with current or prospective customers. When a company maintains visibility, they appear to be more transparent and trustworthy. In the ever-evolving landscape of media, it is crucial for brand and customer experience to work hand-and-hand.

Staying visible and current also means tracking the plethora of information that these interactions produce and utilizing it to improve everyday services. The best PR pros not only help create a brand, but continue to recognize the trends and communication that are essential to maintaining it.

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