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Who we are

Strategic Approach. Remarkable Results.

Strategic Approach. Remarkable Results. That’s been our motto from day one. Our founder and CEO Solveig Raftery and Senior VP Jasen Woehrle have a knack for bringing together the most effective and experienced teams. Our specialized work empowers your business through the strength of public relations, social media and marketing.

The people who make up the team at The Firm truly are among the best and brightest public relations professionals. All are ridiculously curious and creative, hate to lose and are fascinated with world happenings. We also share an unrelenting drive to see clients and their companies succeed. If they succeed, we succeed.

Combined, some of the things we love includes (in no particular order) horror movies, homemade lip balm, college basketball and Broadway musicals. Whether we’re working on projects from our office building or logging on remotely, we actually all get along and enjoy working together. Again, and bears repeating, we love to win.

If you are seeking a thoughtful, strategic approach to promote your company and are looking for a PR partner that generates remarkable results, connect with us today.

The Firm is certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women Business Enterprise National Council.

And of course, our mascot FiFi (short for Firm Fish)! This cute little bugger continually entertains us with his adventures and musings from inside his aquarium housed at The Firm’s Las Vegas headquarters.

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