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4 Big SEO No-Nos from an SEO Wizard

ROI. EOD. ETA. And occasionally, WTF.

There are a lot of acronyms we use in the business world on a daily basis. Amid them, there is one acronym that is becoming increasingly vital in helping businesses stand out from the clutter: SEO.

By now, you likely know that SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the art of enhancing your visibility – whether a website or page – within a search engine’s results. These days, Google is the king of search engines with more than 1.6 billion unique visitors monthly. Its closest competitor, Bing, gets approximately one-fourth of its traffic.

Okay, so you know what SEO is. And, sure you can go Google a bunch of ways to enhance your presence. But, what are you doing wrong?

Our SEO mastermind Bryan Allison has some thoughts. He’s spent nearly 25 years in the digital biz, building brands like from scratch and into household names. Here are four big no-no’s from Bryan:

  • – Do not think that SEO is magic. When push comes to shove, one solution will not solve all of your SEO problems. Rising the ranks of Google does not happen overnight and you should be skeptical of any solution offering to do so. Think of SEO like a diet. If a company offers a pill that will make you lose 50 pounds overnight, something is majorly wrong. You want something that’s sustainable. And you’ll have to keep working out and eating well to stay in good shape. In the SEO world, you have to keep working on your site.
  • – Don’t hate on the search engines. Google and Bing have customers, too – people come to and trust their websites to deliver a quality product. So, if your website is not fully up-to-par or focuses on quantity of keywords over quality of content, they may not drive traffic to your site. The likes of Google and Bing have crawled the entire internet and want to give folks quick, quality results. They don’t want to deal with tricks.
  • – Quantity of links back to your site is not the most important thing ever. By now, you’ve learned that SEO is totally a “quality over quantity” type of business. Links are certainly no exception.
  • – A higher rank is not necessarily all about massive amounts of content. Words, terms, photos and how your site performs are all factors. If you visited a site that has 300-megabyte photos and takes an eternity to load, you wouldn’t like it. And, guess what? Neither does Google.

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