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Agency vs. In-House – An Overview of the Differences in the PR World

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Are you stuck searching for the right fit? It can be overwhelming to make any business-related decision, especially when sifting through options within the PR landscape. Being informed, however, is a crucial component in selecting the best course of action. Let’s dig in.

There are two primary settings within the PR landscape: in-house at a company and/or a PR agency. Chances are, you have heard these terms before, but understanding the benefits and differences between them – whether working for them or with them – can help you decide the path of your PR journey.

In-House: Living and Breathing Company Values

Working in-house, a team is running a single brandAs an employee, you work directly for the company and are enriched in its culture daily – in many ways, you build and are the brand. Working in-house, you can also have opportunities to collaborate with various teams within the organization, such as finance and marketing teams, depending on the scope of your company. These experiences provide a deep understanding of company processes – while working with a team in a specified role yields expertise in said role.

Agency: Diversity of Experience

With an agency, it can be very different than working in-house. A key aspect of working at an agency is working with multiple clients. Employees at an agency establish relationships and build a network with various brands and media outlets. The environment working in an agency can be fast paced, but the variety in work expands one’s skills in many communications fields, such as social media, press releases, etc. Folks that are part of an agency learn to be jacks of all trades because of the various goals and needs of different clients.

POV: You Are a Brand or Company

After comparing and contrasting working in-house and at an agency, it is time to look at what an agency can do for a brand. Working with a PR agency provides many benefits because the diversity of an agency lets a brand tackle different problems from various angles because of the experience of working with multiple groups. Another huge asset of a PR agency is its established connections with a diverse number of brands and media outlets. This network is crucial for expanding your reach as a brand.

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