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Playlist to a New Year: Putting Your Best PR Foot Forward in 2019

The firework smoke has cleared, gyms are filling up and resolutions (perhaps some PR ones?) are in full force. ‘Tis the season! Now that the in-laws have gone home, it’s time to regroup and get ready for 2019.

The badass PR professionals at the Firm want to help your company get a head start on a remarkable new year. Grab your headphones and press play! Here are some super tips and top hits (from our staff!) to kick off 2019 with your best PR foot forward:

thank u, next. What worked? What didn’t? Be honest about areas that may need improvement, but also keep in mind where the business excelled. A review of customer feedback can help identify the successes and failures that may have taken place. Companies should also evaluate the business plan in order to help establish if a change in direction is necessary. An audit of your company’s public relations practices is an excellent way to review areas of internal work that could be bolstered up. Recognize your successes, understand what you need to work on, and move forward. Just like Ariana says, “thank u, next”.

No Brainer. What are your goals, objectives and strategies for the new year? Goals should be realistic and specialized to the mission they aim to accomplish. Many companies struggle to narrow down a focus for their organization. Utilizing the blanket approach in this scenario is often unsuccessful because it is too broad and wastes resources. Instead of winging it, be strategic with the direction you want to take. It is crucial that all employees and outside vendors are on the same page about goals and the best way to achieve them. Planning is imperative. Put in the time to plan on the backend and things are a no brainer when that to-do list comes knocking!

Look Alive. At The Firm, we consider ourselves extensions to our clients’ teams. Clear communication and unified vision drives this. We always do our due diligence when it comes to exploring opportunities to help clients in other avenues. The PR landscape awards those that are able to adapt to any environment. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Growing may involve stepping out of your comfort zone, but never close off your company from beneficial opportunities. Stay on your toes, be proactive and live like Drake: look alive!

Start your own playlist with us today let’s kick 2019 off on the right foot. Contact The Firm Public Relations & Marketing today at 702.739.9933 or

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At Loving Hearts Adoption Services, we are a small close-knit team. In everything that we do, we work to ensure every matter is handled with the delicate care it deserves. Working with The Firm has allowed us to engage in a more organized and strategic effort to meet our goals. We know The Firm will always give us their full attention when addressing our agency’s needs. They have shown to really care and want to learn about the work we do, and they apply that information to the work and services they provide. The Firm staff are always friendly, professional, and hard working. They are 100 percent competent in what they do. We are grateful for them and their skill sets!

Alexandra HoopsDirector of Adoption ServicesLoving Hearts Adoption Services