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Bringing Your Company’s PR Pizzazz Out of the Shadows (Happy Groundhog’s Day)

February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day.

Each year, we’re graced with news of whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not. As a refresher, if he sees it, that means six more weeks of winter. If not, bring on the spring.

No pressure, Phil, but please just ignore your shadow and let’s get moving with spring. Awesome, thanks.

By D. Gordon E. Robertson – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

On the topic of shadows, what positive things are hanging out in the shadows of your company that can be brought to light? You likely have quite a few stories just waiting to be mined and/or sourced, so, in the spirit of ole Phil, let’s put a few thought starters out there:

#1: Employee success stories. They’re your No. 1 assets, right? So, what have they done lately at work that makes them so darn incredible? What have they implemented that makes you stand out from the competition? Has someone helped you reach a remarkable milestone or launch a new product? They may be worth a profile or feature story. Outside of work, is an employee doing something super-cool? It’s okay to show your company’s personality… and the personalities within it.

#2: Community involvement. Beyond your office’s confines, what is your company doing to “give back”? Is there a recent monetary donation that can be amplified? What are some of your employees’ unique ties to the cause(s) you’re supporting? Is there a true human element to what you’re doing and how can that be shared? If community service hasn’t been a staple for your workplace, is there something you can rally the troops around?

#3: Milestones. There is no shame in celebrating big-time successes. Has your business been a staple in your community for 50 years? Well, that could certainly be newsworthy. Did your company just have a landmark sale? That could make a headline or two, as well. And, what about major employee anniversaries? Certainly. Now, does this mean you need to celebrate anything and everything with a number? No. You must be strategic and tactful with your milestone outreach… and any media outreach in general.

These are only a few places to start. When you’re ready to bring everything wonderful about your company to light, give The Firm Public Relations & Marketing a buzz. We love a hearty story-mining sesh and we promise that you will, too.

Thumbs up

I know that I can always count on the team at The Firm for big-picture thinking, strategy and diligence. They are truly dedicated to the success of this organization and have been an integral part of our family since 2015. From media relations and training to social media and events, The Firm continues to deliver and there’s no agency I’d rather work with.

Bob ClevelandExecutive DirectorRebuilding Together Southern Nevada