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Building a Social Media Strategy? The Firm’s Saveria Farino Dishes on Some Key Tips

Love it or hate it – social media is a tool that connects people with people, people with brands and brands with potential customers. For a business, it’s important to chart a meaningful and thoughtful path forward in building a social media strategy.

Saveria Farino is a social media coordinator at The Firm and assists clients in building their platforms and developing memorable content. For this edition of Firm Shui, she share her “social scoop” that can benefit brands and businesses near and far.

Create a strategy

Each platform needs its own strategy. Like every business, every platform is different and it is important to understand what works best to create targeted content and generate engagement. Some things to consider when creating your social strategy include asking yourself ‘Why am I using this platform?’ ‘Who is your target audience?’ ‘What brand message am I trying to push?’.

Sav’s Social Scoop: “Experiment to find the right mix of content types. Carousels or sharing multiple photos are an excellent engagement booster – they encourage people to linger on content longer and engage more. If your goal is reach, Instagram Reels and short-form video content appeals to consumer preferences. When starting something new, I play around with this and see what works best and what followers interact with the most!”

Be consistent

Posting content regularly is always a good rule of thumb to follow. In terms of how often to post, start with an average of 2-3 times per week. For all businesses this number will be different and weigh heavily on how often people interact with the account. Figuring out the right number of posts to publish every day is a key part of your social media scheduling strategy. Consistency is key. Regardless of the size of your following or what platform you are using, be conscious of keeping these aspects consistent: brand image, brand message, posting frequency and hashtags.

Sav’s Social Scoop: “Laying out a monthly content calendar for your business is a great way to stay on top of scheduled events, holidays and observances that align with your businesses or other upcoming media opportunities. This helps keep things extremely organized, which is essential when running multiple different social media accounts for a client. Even if posts get moved around or if something urgent needs to go up, it is a good feeling to have all of that content ready.”

Create Engaging Content

Users can follow hundreds upon hundreds of accounts and various social media channels, so it is important to stand out from the crowd by creating interesting, unique content. Content should fall into one of the following categories: Insightfulness, Relatability or Storytelling. Anything considered newsworthy including timely information, human interest and relevance to your business would fall into the insightful category. Content that is relatable includes memes or other humorous digital and social trends is key to keep relevancy, but when posting this style content always make sure that it aligns with your brand. Use storytelling as a way to engage the audience and develop your brand voice. It is a creative way to convey your message directly without being too pushy.

Sav’s Social Scoop: “Although good content is subjective and dependent on the platform; knowing your competition allows you to better understand what consumers are enjoying (or not enjoying) on their feeds. Knowing what is going on in the social media space, especially that of your competitors, gives you an opportunity to examine from the outside what is working and what isn’t.”

With an abundance of platforms, building a social media strategy can be a daunting task. Seeking agency guidance to navigate the demands of today’s fast paced media landscape and finding the right marketing approach? Contact The Firm Public Relations and Marketing today at 702.739.9933 or

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I know that I can always count on the team at The Firm for big-picture thinking, strategy and diligence. They are truly dedicated to the success of this organization and have been an integral part of our family since 2015. From media relations and training to social media and events, The Firm continues to deliver and there’s no agency I’d rather work with.

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