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As We Celebrate a Badass Milestone, 4 Things Every Business Should Keep in Mind for Success

The year was 1993. The average gallon of gas was $1.16. A movie ticket to the hottest flick in town (Forrest Gump or The Lion King, anyone?) cost a mere $4.14. And, well, Justin Bieber didn’t exist.

2018 marks 25 years of strategic and impactful badassery for The Firm Public Relations & Marketing, its award-winning staff, its diverse clientele and, ultimately, the Vegas community.

As for what contributes to The Firm’s badass-ness? In a recent survey of The Firm clients, the most frequently used words to describe the team were: Experienced, smart, influential, creative and…well, you guessed it: badass.

The Firm’s motto from day one has been “Strategic Approach. Remarkable Results.” When local professionals are ready to empower their business through the muscle of strategic PR, social media and marketing, The Firm is battle born and ready to roll.

So, what have been some of the keys to The Firm’s success that may very easily apply to most businesses? President and CEO Solveig Raftery has these four pointers to share:

  • – Constantly innovate. Whatever the product or service, it’s likely not going to be the exact same 25 years down the line. You have to monitor trends and always have a knack for better serving your clients and customers. What is the next big thing and how can you harness it?
  • – Hire the smartest people you can find. Surround yourself with the best people that can not only help you reach your vision… but beyond that vision. At The Firm, we use certain employee assessment tools that help us gauge folks with the workstyles we are looking for. We also rely on word of mouth to find people that fit within our work culture. We look for people that don’t settle. We like folks that believe “eh, good enough” is not good enough.
  • – Be consistent in delivering your product or service. From the get-go we were about providing top-notch PR and marketing services. And, that’s what we’ve done and grown with during the last 25 years. Stay true to your core.
  • – Be particular about who you work with. Make sure a client or audience is a true fit for you. We were picky from the beginning – we knew what causes and businesses would excite us, which would fit within our culture and which we could truly get behind. And, we haven’t looked back since.

To kick your business into a badass gear, contact The Firm Public Relations & Marketing at 702-739-9933 or

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Partnering with The Firm PR for the Motor Trend International Auto Show – Las Vegas has been great!! They are truly on the side of the client from concept to completion. From exploring and executing local partnerships, to coordinating on-air television appearances, they really go the extra mile to ensure that the word is effectively getting out to the key demographic markets that we target. We have been with The Firm PR for many years now, and I believe it is safe to say that there will be many more years in our partnership.

Derek WalshDirector, Event ExperienceMotor Trend International Auto Show - Las Vegas