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Establishing a Voice During Election Season

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Establishing and maintaining a voice during election season under normal circumstances is no easy feat. Add in a pandemic, reforms addressing societal injustices and an incredibly heated election and it can be that much more difficult.

How do you maintain momentum and ensure your brand doesn’t get lost in the noise as Election Day inches closer?

These are stressful and interesting times. But, step away from the panic button. Be confident in your company’s media relations efforts by implementing these top tips.

Be genuine

While it may be popular to play into the election buzz, audiences are starving for honest brand messaging. A recent study showed consumers are already being inundated with misinformation about the election. Rise above the clutter by being honest and accurate with your content.

Traditional forms of media still dominate the landscape, but more and more non-traditional media is gaining traction every day. Utilize channels like vetted social media contests, educational content related to your business, podcasts or even hosted (possibly virtual) events to control the message. These may not be traditional television mentions. But, creating content in-house can ensure that your brand message is being delivered clear and concise.

There is more than one right way to get your name out there in front of consumers. Companies should take advantage of any and all that make sense for business.

Maximize media coverage

Ideally, your business would have had media feelers out months in advance for booking opportunities. But, let’s be real: there have been a lot of unideal aspects about 2020 thus far. So, we need to maximize the coverage that is landed by strategically repurposing content whenever possible.

Once original coverage is secured, take advantage of your PR team to find creative ways to repurpose the content. Conceptualize a narrative that resonates with your audience to land further coverage. If the hit runs on television, always check for an online link or social posts from the outlet that may be related. These can be shared across online platforms and be used as quick-turnaround social media content.  Not every hit needs to be a front page mention. With political ads taking over, social media can be an efficient way to reach your target audience on a more personal level.

Don’t do it alone

Whether your business handles PR internally or utilizes an agency, everyone can use additional support. This goes both ways when it comes to businesses engaging with community partners. Partnering with local non-profits or other organizations can create fruitful relationships for everyone involved.

Partnering with organizations that align with brand goals can be smart. There is power and recognition in numbers. A “partnership” entails that your business and the organization are working together towards a common goal and the more people cohesively working towards that goal the better. Do your research on what local organizations may make the most sense to work with.

During a chaotic news cycle, media may be more likely to run coverage with community ties and less corporate spin. Non-profit partnerships can bridge the gap between the two. This equates to giving the media that much more of a reason to mention your business and showcase where you stand in your community and on the issues.

Whether this is your first go at media relations during an election or you’re a seasoned pro, we’re here to get you through any season. Contact The Firm Public Relations & Marketing today at or 702.739.9933. 

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The Firm has helped strengthen the Engelstad Foundation’s voice and mission locally, in the state of Nevada and throughout the United States. The team is strategic and nimble in times of urgency as well as in what they deliver on a regular basis. They’re a valuable extension of our team and I’m grateful for all they do for us.

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