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5 Tips to Ace Your On-Camera Interview

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You’ve secured a TV interview with regarding your business. Woohoo and congrats! However, you’ve never been on camera before, and definitely feeling a little (okay, a lot) nervous. Before shouting S.O.S., take a deep breath and keep these key points in mind:

Body language: Everyone has mannerisms or habits that can mostly fly under the radar in normal conversation. Whether you’re a hand-talker or sloucher, it’s important to be aware of these tendencies and try to minimize them while you’re on camera. Your body language will scream louder than anything you say, so be sure to give a relaxed and friendly disposition. Sitting up straight, giving a smile and leaning forward slightly will show openness, confidence and comfort to your audience.

Don’t know what your mannerisms are? Set up your phone and record yourself speaking or try talking in front of a mirror. It may feel awkward talking to yourself but being mindful of these habits will help you knock that interview out of the park.

Practice makes perfect: Knowing your messaging inside and out can make or break an interview. Carve out time in your day to practice speaking aloud. Grabbing a friend or colleague to conduct a mock interview can help shake out your nerves while earning valuable feedback, too.

Eye contact: In addition to body language, solid eye contact will convey trust and confidence to your audience. Imagine you’re meeting with a colleague in a busy coffee shop. Multiple distractions lurk about, including loud voices and the smell of coffee floating in the air. Pretend the camera isn’t there and focus on having a relaxed conversation with the interviewer. Coffee not included.

Keep answers concise: The Allman Brothers’ song, “Ramblin’ Man,” is definitely not what you want to be during an interview. Keep your answers short and sweet, all while fitting in key points. Be mindful that your interview could be edited, and long-winded responses might be cut down for a short sound-bite.

Breathe: It’s easy to get wound up before an interview. But, it’s also easy to calm yourself down before an interview. Take a few moments to breathe, and feel your anxiety lessen. Utilizing those extra seconds before the camera goes live to simmer down will show the audience a calm and confident spokesperson for your business.

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