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To Buck the Trend or Go With it?

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PR and marketing best practices and strategies are constantly evolving. It can be super-easy and tempting to ditch a tried-and-tested plan for something involving a shiny new trend, but this may not always equate to the results you want/need. To keep up with the best of the best, it is crucial to not only be in tune with the newest trends in PR and marketing, but to also have the awareness to recognize if it’s a good fit for your company.

As we kick off a new year, it’s always nice to look back and see some examples of who did it right and who maybe shouldn’t have done it at all.

Doing It Right

An example of a smaller brand that was successful in channeling a popular strategy and running with it is Away Luggage. Away has been successful in embracing and utilizing authentic, story-driven content that goes beyond just highlighting a product. The company has made luggage about more than just luggage.

Unlike some of its older competitors, the brand has quickly mastered how to promote itself in the lifestyle arena, implementing style tips and additional content such as city guides, day trip ideas and gift suggestions.

Instead of just defaulting to plain product ads, Away has formed a brand identity that frames it as not only the only suitcase one needs, but a one-stop source for additional travel tips. By utilizing unique content geared towards travel lovers, the brand is reinforcing its position as the new modern hip luggage on the block and nailing it.

Doing It Wrong

Although the epic fail that was Fyre Fest took place (or, ahem, didn’t) in 2017, the release of documentaries surrounding the event reinvigorated the conversation about it in 2019.

Fyre Fest took over social media and beyond when people everywhere tuned in to see the festival go up in flames. Fyre Fest promoted an exclusive music festival VIP experience on a private island, but delivered guests bread with some cheese and half-built emergency tents.

One of the biggest tactics Fyre Fest implemented to promote the event was the use of supermodels and Instagram influencers. Fyre Fest’s initial launch was powered by posts from influencers such as Hailey Baldwin, Emily Rarajkowski and Bella Hadid. They were even featured in marketing materials. Plenty of other lesser known influencers were also promised a getaway to an “immersive music festival” in exchange for their promotional content.

Unfortunately for Fyre Fest, what created all the hype around the festival is also ultimately what helped lead to its downfall. The festival never got off the ground and the influencers, who were given free travel and compensation to post about the festival’s success, were instead front row and live posting the implosion of the event as it happened. While the overall planning of the event itself is definitely in question, the full-send mentality towards influencer marketing added fuel to the Fyre.

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