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A Mid-Year PR Strategy Clean-Up

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A “clean-up” has taken on a heightened meaning in 2020 as the focus on keeping anything and everything disinfected is at the forefront. While we have all become well versed in hand washing and the periodic Lysol spray, tidying up a public relations strategy for your company should also be on the mid-year checklist.

As we hit the halfway point here in 2020, here are some things to consider for your PR checklist to keep your business current and on track during these uncertain times:

Take the time to regroup

Any businesses went into 2020 with a plan. That plan has likely now been affected in some way. Take a look at what goals were made to start the year. Are things still on track? Should plans be revised or ditched all together based on the current climate? Regardless of how foolproof the plan once appeared, the ever-changing landscape we find ourselves in has turned so many things on their head. Every business should do their best to account for, or at least take into consideration, the societal changes we may see going forward and how they may or may not apply.

Spruce up social media pages

This is a great time to sit down and scroll through all social media platforms and assess what can be changed, deleted or improved. Just like the world around us, social media is ever-changing. Questions about the level of engagement or appropriateness of content should always be considered, but there are other details that can be forgotten. Are there beneficial people or organizations you should be following but aren’t? Does the company Instagram need a color scheme refresher? Should you be posting more frequently, less frequently or at different times? It is also crucial to ensure all platforms have the most current and accurate company information displayed.

Give your inbox and calendar a cleanse

The PR plan has been cleaned up, the social media channels are pristine, but you’re still buried in emails and calendar invites. It may seem frivolous, but the brain often performs better when it’s not engulfed in clutter. Let’s show your inbox and calendar some love. Leave, delete or create folders to organize. Whatever your process, your sanity and computer storage will thank you when it’s done. For some traditional cleaning, feel free to wipe up those crumbs on your desk from this morning’s muffin too while you’re at it.

Whether you’re dealing with a PR pigsty or just need to wipe down some counters, contact The Firm at 702.739.9933 or today for guidance when it comes to tidying up your public relations strategy.

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Our business is complex; focused on delivering payment solutions to ten different segments within Gaming and Entertainment. We needed a PR firm that could handle that complexity, understand our business needs and represent us to the media in our target markets. The Firm has delivered on their promises. After more than four years of working together, we remain very pleased.

Joe FeldkampFormer VP, Strategic Market DevelopmentWorldpay Gaming