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Start the New Year Off Right with a Public Relations Audit

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s a perfect time to reflect on your company’s public relations efforts from the past 12 months.

You have an entire body of work available to evaluate and are likely filled with creative thoughts ready to be utilized in the new year.

But, before jumping into new tasks, here are some key questions to consider and may help guide a solid public relations audit.

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Is all of your information up-to-date?

Your website, social platforms and go-to collateral are good starting points. Consider:

  1. – Do you need to add new lines of service, team members or descriptions that will help sell your business/service?
  2. – Are there recent awards you can highlight or promote?
  3. – Have you recently received a stellar testimonial that you can publicize?

Is your current approach yielding the ROI you desire?

This is where you review what your public relations goals and benchmarks were from last year. Set aside time to review your strategy and consider what you’ve done to try to achieve your objectives and determine what is and isn’t working. Ask yourself:

  1. – Which platforms are you utilizing the most? Is your target audience using them too?
  2. – How is your audience engagement?
  3. – Which types of content are receiving more traffic than others?

What is the frequency of your publicity?

The more regularly visible you are, the easier it can be to cultivate a strong relationship with your audience.

  1. – Are you posting to a blog or social media at least once a week? If yes, does it make sense to post more?
  2. – Is your coverage across several mediums, print, radio and online? If not, consider what mediums may be preferred by the demographics you are targeting.

Is your messaging consistent?

Sure, you don’t need to copy and paste a message to every single public relations vehicle you have. But your messages should be consistent. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  1. – Are you using the same voice across all platforms?
  2. – Does your content have a definitive purpose, and does it tie to an objective?
  3. – If your company has taken a stance on a topic, is there content elsewhere that may conflict with it?

Once your audit is complete, put your findings into action. And, make sure to record your new insights, so you can be ready to go for your audit next year.

If a revitalized PR approach is part of your New Year’s Resolution, contact The Firm today at 702-739-9933 or

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