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Brand Mascots: FiFi the PR Fish has the Scoop!


FiFi the PR Fish with brand mascots insight!

Perhaps you’ve seen me swimming around The Firm’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages? If not, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m FiFi, short for Firm Fish. I’m taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life in my aquarium to chat with you about how brand mascots can be a great face and communicator for your business!

First, you might be wondering what are brand mascots?

Quite simply a brand mascot is a character that represents your business and speaks to your audience. It can be a person, animal or even an object and is often animated with human characteristics. It is an extension of the voice of your brand.  Perhaps a certain gecko with a Cockney accent comes to mind?

Here’s a few reasons a mascot might be the brand ambassador your business is looking for…

– Mascots are ageless and memorable. A great example is the Michelin Man. He was created in 1898. Being a non-driver myself (swim commuter is how I roll), I’m no expert in the average lifespan of a tire, but man that guy looks amazing for being more than a century old! Today he’s recognized in 150-plus countries as a light-hearted and trusted advisor for a multi-billion-dollar company. Not bad for a cartoon rubber bloke.

– We are effective storytellers on social media. In a digital world, it feels friendly, fun and familiar to put a face on your product or service. Especially if your business is complicated or requires a delicate touch, like I do. FYI – my gills prefer 77 degrees Fahrenheit and very little current. Headspace uses an orange orb named “The Dot” to communicate emotional ideas to its customers. Heavy things like meditation, stress management and wellness can be hard to wrap your fins around, but The Dot’s simple expression has brought mindfulness to the masses with an endearing smile.

– Brand mascots can help sell your product, but do so softly. As much as I like a clean tank, it really doesn’t excite me to talk about multipurpose antibacterial products. But somehow shooting the breeze with a muscular man clad in all white and an impressively polished bald head is more appealing. And clearly I’m not alone! @RealMrClean has more than 30,000 followers on Twitter!

Thinking a mascot might be the right strategy for your brand? Connect with me or my human colleagues at 702.739.9933 or to strategize.

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