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Unleashing the Power of PR

Public relations isn’t necessarily everything to everyone.

For some, it may simply be a piece to the communications landscape – a component that complements an overall branding strategy. For some, it may take the back burner to a carefully crafted ad campaign, social media blitz or grassroots marketing initiative.

And for some, well, public relations can absolutely mean everything… and be everything. During our nearly 25 years in business representing clients in Las Vegas and throughout the country, we’ve seen what a well-strategized PR campaign can do for people, brands and companies.

Upticks in convention attendees. Boosted brand engagement based on stories placed. Increases in ticket sales resulting from news pieces that folks have seen. We have case studies galore.

In addition to what we – and our clients – have experienced, periodically we see some pretty neat case studies pop up on some of the shows we love. We are news and pop culture junkies after all!

An example: On the ABC hit show “Shark Tank,” entrepreneur Brendan Alper pitched his “Hater” app to the panel. The app is pretty awesome itself – it’s a dating app that connects people based on what they HATE, not what they love. (How incredibly hilarious and awesome is that?)

In closing his pitch to the likes of big business folks like Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, Alper was asked about how one of Hater’s primary investors found them. His response?

“I knew the only way we were going to get market saturation was if we made a big splash right away,” he said. “One of the first guys I hired was a PR guy. In a couple of months, we worked on crafting this story, making a pitch and sending it to as many reporters as we could. And within a few days, we had hundreds of thousands of people.”

As PR professionals, we love to here stuff like this. As for the bottom line for any folks contemplating a partnership with a PR team? A good story and solid strategy can make a business-changing impact.

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