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The Firm’s Intern Lynsey Fjelsted, a Gen Z-er, Weighs in on the WFH vs. In-Office Landscape

Lynsey Fjelsted is our latest rockstar intern at The Firm Public Relations & Marketing. The Firm has multiple paid internships throughout the year and on the heels of Lynsey’s internship, she recently sat down with the Firm Shui blog team to discuss all things office-life.

A Gen Z-er, she’s had a unique path into the workforce – wrapping high school in an online environment and starting her career in a post-COVID work. As for her unique take on all things related to work-from-home versus in-office, she keeps it as real as it gets:

On Gen Z-ers wanting to work from home

Lynsey: A common assumption that people make about my generation is that they do not want to work in an office. I don’t know if it was COVID, the rise of social media, or something similar that made Gen Z – and others – want to stay at home to work. But I am team office versus WFH.

The idea of working from home greatly rose during the pandemic. I was a junior in high school when the pandemic began, and I finished my high school experience doing schoolwork from home. Many of my friends enjoyed this because of the freedom, not having to wake up early to get ready, and let’s face it, sometimes not doing as much work. On the other hand, I really disliked online school because I didn’t get to interact with other students in-person and ask questions.

On the importance of in-person Interactions

Lynsey: In-person human interaction is vital. Even as an introvert, I enjoy socializing with coworkers because it makes me feel welcome. This interaction with colleagues can also help develop better connections, and these connections can lead to more opportunities.

From my perspective, staying at home got to be a bit lonely and it can be harder to create genuine bonds.

On efficiency and communication

Lynsey: I find it to be quicker and more efficient to communicate in an office. With coworkers sitting a cubicle away, it is easy to ask for help or work together. Although emails and calls are still beneficial, it is clearer to speak directly with someone when there is an appropriate opportunity.

On finding and thriving in the right environment

Lynsey: Being able to get out of the house and drive somewhere is a big thing for me. I think that a change of scenery helps me to be more productive. It is vital to have a place where you work separate than where you relax. The Firm has a comfortable, organized and friendly environment which has made being an intern here such a positive experience.

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