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When is it the Correct Time to Hire an Outside PR Agency?

In-house employees wear a lot of hats these days. Within the duties of a single marketing manager, communications director or VP of marketing can be so much more than their title suggests.

Online advertising. Traditional advertising. Marketing. Social media. Digital marketing. Public relations. You name it! In some cases, the individuals spearheading these efforts within an organization fly solo or may be supported by a small team.

Simply put, there can be a lot for one person or one team to juggle.

One of the primary reasons in-house teams turn to outside PR agencies is for critical support of their volume of work. Rather than spending the resources and time to hire a new in-house teammate (it can take months and months to find the right person!), they can easily on-board a proven agency to support their PR and marketing initiatives.

With the an agency team that has the right expertise, the on-boarding process can require a small fraction of the time and money needed to hire someone in-house.

The primary reason organizations hire a PR agency: results. Here are a few examples of when an outside agency may be able to help your business thrive:

  • — You’re launching a product/service in a market where you do not have media contacts;
  • — You’re having an event in a city where you need “boots on the ground” to manage media outreach efforts;
  • — You do not have the bandwidth to generate media materials, disseminate pitches and adequately follow-up with media;
  • — You need to tailor a communications or crisis plan pertaining to a market or demographic that is outside of your expertise; and
  • — You’ve tried to implement a public relations campaign, but did not see desired results.

In the PR world, there is absolutely no undermining the power of a dedicated team and local expertise. When you’ve found the right agency, they feel like less of an “outside partner” and more like an extension of your team.

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Partnering with The Firm PR for the Motor Trend International Auto Show – Las Vegas has been great!! They are truly on the side of the client from concept to completion. From exploring and executing local partnerships, to coordinating on-air television appearances, they really go the extra mile to ensure that the word is effectively getting out to the key demographic markets that we target. We have been with The Firm PR for many years now, and I believe it is safe to say that there will be many more years in our partnership.

Derek WalshDirector, Event ExperienceMotor Trend International Auto Show - Las Vegas