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A trusted PR partner is more important than ever before. Here’s why.

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Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to communicate with others, whether it’s posting a funny cat video or sending a message to someone across the globe. The fast nature of technology doesn’t always equate to glitz and glamour – a message may easily be misconstrued, misinterpreted or misused altogether, particularly as untrusted and “fake news” sources continue to emerge.

And this is only one example.

Keeping up with the latest media happenings and protecting your brand is critical to its vitality. Even with PR and communication pros in-house, adding an agency partner can take your efforts to the next level. Here are three reasons why a trusted PR partner is more important now than ever before:

Nourishing relationships in real-time

Many traditional newsrooms have reduced their staffs to adapt to the digital age. As a result, it’s not uncommon for members of the media to change outlets, locations or roles due to necessity. For brands, this requires staying on-top of media relationships to fully understand their needs within the latest structure. Otherwise, contacts and relationships can age like milk.

By hiring an agency, companies gain access to a team of media relations experts who know how to manage the intricacies. With each team member having a unique network and an agency can strategize the right opportunities for your brand. By staying in the 4-1-1 with media contacts, agencies can push your brands to the right people.

Establishing newsworthiness

The demand for news coverage is not slowing down any time soon. Companies are in constant competition with other entities for media attention. Considering that media members have tight deadlines and receive oodles of story pitches each day, your company’s outreach has to be respectful of their time, straight-to-the-point and captivating. (No pressure, right?)

By partnering with an agency, brands gain access to professionals that understand the stories that grab media members’ attention. Equally as important, companies gain a group of PR pros that know what successful tactics brands can use to seal the deal. By working with an agency, your brand can establish a newsworthy identity that will stay fresh in the minds of media folks who will think of you when the time is right.

Finding the right balance of traditional and non-traditional outreach

Media outreach and coordination requires different strategies and, in many cases, a multipronged approach. This approach may include dividing and conquering outreach between in-house efforts and an agency as well as hitting various mediums.

With the increasing popularity of non-traditional or digital media formats (such as social media, podcasts and email newsletters), agencies can help brands filter through the niche opportunities and successfully reach a targeted audience. They can use their insight and connections to determine the true value of an opportunity beyond its initial allure.

With a consolidated effort and an agency partner, you can increase the quality and quantity of your PR results.

Seeking agency support to navigate the demands of today’s evolving media landscape? Contact The Firm Public Relations & Marketing today at or 702.739.9933.

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